23. desember 2018

Battle of Oklungen - NATO edition

Every time I make some changes, I have to play the game some, just to see if I broke the game. And playing the game means that I find things that should be changed.

The biggest change this time around is NATO symbols mode. It started with the desire to make it easier to see what type of unit a unit is. And then I added the option to use them on the map also. And that worked so nice.

Since last time, I also made some quality of life changes to the game.

I added keybindings for some more functions.
I = Show/Hide Statistics screen.
P = Show/Hide Puchase menu.
O= Show/Hide Minimap.
C= Show/Hide Cards menu.
N=Toggle Nato symbols.

I made it possible to "zoom" in on cards that have been played during combat.

Hidden some buttons when they could not be pressed.
Made the game distribute regions among starting players more evenly in RISK mode. And gave players who got one an extra starting unit, and resources based on the resource mode.

Made the unit tool tip show how many moves a unit in the stack have left to move. It have some limitations as if there is more than one unit in a stack, it will only show the "first" ones moves left.

I added buttons to turn on/off sound and NATO symbols during play. They are in the quit game menu.

I did fix a few bugs and improved the AI's ability to calculate if it would win a battle. The AI also got a few improvements in its purchases and general movements.

As usual:
Look at the "Readme.txt" for instructions on how to play the game.
Download and unzip.

And if you don't already have this installed:
Windows 8 and newer should have the .net framework 4 client installed already. And most just need to install the XNA Framework Redistributable 4.0.